Anxiety in the Classroom – 07/03/14

So, I figured I should start penning some thoughts down. Nothing too detailed as I’m not currently practically in the classroom but studying in Uni.

Just completed a group paper on Anxiety in Classrooms. There was a couple of things that was drawn from the paper that I had not considered before. As teachers we are expected to ‘Set high expectations which inspire, motivate and challenge pupils’ (DfE 2013). However is it possible that as teachers we cause anxiety within the children to meet those high expectations? Is this a good thing?

As a group, we talked that out original thoughts were that anxiety in learning was something to avoid. Yet, isn’t that part of learning? To take the leap of faith to new knowledge? Are we not supposed to encourage children to participate in learning, even if they are worried they’ll make a mistake?


This ‘leap’ will naturally cause anxiety. As a teacher then it will be important for me to recognise there’ll be anxiety from the children and be sensitive to that and ensure there is no unnecessary anxiety.

photo credit: thriol via photopin cc


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