Roll up, Roll up!

Come and see the amazing juggling act!


Aside from the blatant Lego reference (really want to see the Lego Movie) lately I’ve been realising more and more how much life is a juggling act – and I’m not even in a teaching job yet. Aside from spending time with my wonderful wife, spending time with my little boy, my teaching study and practice, my leadership in my local Church and general day to day tasks, I’m wondering how on earth I can manage a full time teaching job. The answer right now seems to be having virtually no time to breath (and watch the Lego Movie)!

But on reflection, would I have it any other way? Not at all. I have a wonderful family, I have a faith which fuels my actions every day, a decent quality of life (that you can get from Student Finance anyway) and the prospect of having a career I’ve wanted since I was 11 years old – life by that standard is fantastic!

The lesson learnt? When life gets even more frantic in NQT year, take a step back. Remember why you’re doing all this and carry on!

I’m feeling very wise, calculated and in control now – although that will probably change by tomorrow afternoon…

photo credit: Helico via photopin cc


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