Back to the Future (literally!)

No I don’t need a flying Delorean for this entry, although I do need to speak of future things.


I watched a TEDx talk given by Dr. Thomas Frey which dealt with a number of issues. However, he claimed that as a society we tend to look backwards whilst moving forwards. Essentially we tend to look at how history has happened to make decisions for the future. Literally, we have our backs to the future! An interesting thought perhaps when going about this whole blogging to reflect and improve thing I have going. Am I just walking with my back to the future? Or am I making sure I look to the future in my reflections to shape my practice to my more desired self? Food for thought…

Anyway, this wasn’t the main point I got from the talk. Frey claims that by 2030, 50% (2 billion) of the jobs in the world will have vanished – for a number of reasons including automation and population change. Now most of those jobs will be replaced by jobs that we don’t even know of yet. How important is it then to give children an education that helps them to become creative and versatile thinkers and learners? We need to give them the tools and skills that will enable them to adapt to the ever changing world around them. Recently it’s been highlighted to me a number of times the need to help children become independent learners and this is just another reason!

For the full talk (about 20 mins) please see below:

photo credit: JD Hancock via photopin cc


One thought on “Back to the Future (literally!)

  1. Yes, we must make sure students are taught a variety of skills and knowledge in order to survive in the future. It is a must if they are to be successful in the future.


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