Job Hunting! (and a measured investigation)

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a week since I last posted – me and the family went away to London for a couple of days to have a little break. Was well needed and we enjoyed ourselves!


Of course, now we’re back and it’s back to the grindstone. I have a job interview coming up on Monday to prepare for that includes a look around the school, a 15 min lesson and then an interview with three people, followed by a juggling act in front of the caretaker staff (OK I made that last bit up!) It does kind of convey my feelings about some interview processes though – mine isn’t that bad to be fair but I’ve heard nightmare stories from others, some lasting two days! Crazy!

Anyway, here’s a lesson idea for you, the one I plan to use for my interview!

I figured it’d be best to do a investigation/problem solving activity, so have decided to focus on Measure and have the children working particularly on estimating. They are a mixed ability Year 4 class so it’s good for their level. Simply, children in groups of 3, estimate each others height and then measure. After that, they use that practice and measurement to estimate their arm span and discuss why they’ve made that prediction. Then measure to see if they are more accurate than their last prediction was. Finally to round up, estimate my height, to see if they have progressed in their estimating ability.


Comments would be welcome if you have any to give, but here’s hoping I can display the rapport with the children and behaviour management which I guess is the main focus of lesson observations at interviews!

photo credit: conorwithonen via photopin cc

photo credit: mikeyp2000 via photopin cc


One thought on “Job Hunting! (and a measured investigation)

  1. It sounds great! Make sure you have ALL directions of each step in the activity displayed at all times in case some students get confused. It also shows you thought ahead about classroom management. You’re right. It’s important. Since you may not be sure of the tools supplied for the interview, make copies for each group in case you don’t have technology access. If you have access, display the activity on the smart board, etc. and give the groups a copy. Best of luck! 🙂


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