Had my first ever teaching job interview…and was not successful 😦

Apparently, I was ‘brave’ in deciding to have the children undertake a practical lesson where I gave them a little more control and might have been better giving them a problem solving activity where they stay seated. I can understand this – I only had a 15min session so fair enough. All the support and advice I had read suggested that it would be good to take a few risks in interview lessons to stand out – but there were many positives given as well, so this is a great learning opportunity!


So what do I do now? What would I say to a child in a similar situation in my classroom, having failed to complete a task? Go for the next one! Continue working hard and the right one will come along πŸ™‚


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1 thought on “Today…

  1. It is very scary to stand in front of a group of students who are strangers, teach a short lesson, while a panel of people watch your every move.

    You’re right. Try again. While group work and problem solving activities are expected in the classroom, 15 minutes isn’t enough time for it.

    Hope you have much better success next time and consider this a learning experience. πŸ™‚

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