Slam Dunk!

So, in my browsing I came across this gem of a site:


For those of you who don’t know, Space Jam was a film released in 1996 by Warner Bros involving the Looney Toons and Michael Jordan. As a 1990’s baby – I vividly remember this masterpiece 😛

The site above is the official website of the film – however, it had not been changed since it’s launch in 1996. The result? A real reminder of how technology has come along in the past 18 years!

For children, this could be a great tool! Questions such as ‘if technology has come along this far in 18 years to the websites we see today, what could happen in the next 18?’ With the algorithms and coding the children are going to be engaging with – they will literally create worlds! If they can do that now, what will their children be doing in school?

The mind boggles…


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