Code Kingdoms

Just a quick one to share a resource I’ve just come across.


This very attractive and engaging website (with an iOS app which I haven’t looked at yet) is a very addictive game, I was hooked straight away. If involves a little animal (which you choose) going around saving ducks and defeating ‘glitches’. Simple yet effective with easy controls. However there’s more to this than meets the eye and takes to it a whole new level.


The game introduces children to computational thinking. In the game itself you need to use some ducks to assist you and you move these ducks by selecting the correct code. Not only that but there is a level editor, which the game’s main purpose, which allows you to create your own worlds and then share them with other players. It will require some input on basic computing language, but it’s quite easy to pick up. It’s definitely one to have a look at (but set yourself a time limit)!


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