Reflections on Go Karting

This post is mainly for sounding out my thoughts but  you’re all welcome to listen in!

So last night I had the opportunity for a late joint birthday treat to go Go Karting with my Dad, uncle and brother. Was a great experience, by the end we were zipping along and it felt like we were racing in the F1…which of course we were right?

medium_8438433511 - Copy

Anyway, racing ability aside, I starting to think about the experience in it’s entirety. On the first couple of laps around we certainly weren’t speeding down as if we were on Silverstone. We had to get used to the power of the vehicle, the handling of the kart, the turn in the circuit and the places to take it steady and to floor it! As I was thinking about that, I couldn’t help but link it with my upcoming experience as an NQT starting out in a school.


I’ll need to be aware that there are going to be bumps in the road (which there was in one certain part of the track – very uncomfortable that part)! There will be times that I will need to know the turns and speeds of those turns to make to make my practice effective and manageable to become a part of my life – as teaching I’m quickly learning is not a job, but for me a lifestyle. It is a lifestyle that can be intense but immensely rewarding. After time (I hope), I will become more proficient at navigating the circuit of school life and powering through the track of a teacher.


Does that mean once I’ve finished my NQT year I’ll be perfect – of course not. After 5 years? Probably less so! Because I’ll recognise just how much I have to learn. As with the Go Karting – after becoming confident we still made mistakes, an oversteer here, a swerve there (which I didn’t do I might add).


However, just as with the Go Karting, it will be an exhilarating, adrenaline-fuelled ride!


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