Supply Teacher – Week One

OK, I’ve only had two postings this week due to personal and family obligations, but as with teaching, there was plenty to learn. After having agonised over preparing a selection of emergency lessons, there were things planned. This was a relief, although I couldn’t help being a bit by the setup of the first post I had.

I will not be naming the school here and no one reads my blog who would know what school I was at, but this was the day: Maths, Writing, Writing, Assembly. This was not simply because there was a supply in on the day, but I looked at the class timetable and that was the normal Wednesday! Not only this, but the other days were fairly similar. In short, it was not good. Behaviour was awful. Now of course, I was expecting more ‘resistance’ as a supply teacher, but the class was barely on task. I had been warned by other Uni colleagues who had worked there about the behaviour issues in the school in general, so of course, this behaviour was a mixture of a number of things.

I cannot help but think that the curriculum planned for the children is an element of the general behaviour problems in the school (leaving my bad experience behind). I am in no position to say that the curriculum is not delivered in an engaging manner. However, when large portions of most days are spent on one or two areas of the curriculum with little variation, I imagine it can become a little stifling.

I’m looking forward to the remaining weeks of the half term as a supply teacher because it will hopefully provide me with the opportunity to see a large number of schools and collate some of the good practice that I observe going on.

Just some ramblings from the week…


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