Moments that make you smile! by @Mroberts90Matt

Teaching can sometimes be a draining profession. On Friday I did supply work for a Year 6 class which had a reputation. I was warned by my teaching agency, I was wished luck by some of the teaching staff from the school…safe to say I was psyching myself up by 8:45! By lunchtime I thought I had them! They had done some excellent investigation in Maths on Abundant Numbers, some lovely descriptive writing in Literacy. Yeah, some behaviour had to be challenged but all left the classroom for lunch (including myself) in a positive mood!

By 3:30, all had descending into near chaos! To this moment, I’m not sure what caused this. I was as firm on behaviour as I had been previously, I had prepared a creative season, which we didn’t get to do much of, and yet, the learning suffered. The pleasant thing at the end of the day was that I had no intentions of giving up supply work or anything, in fact, it hardened my resolve.

So, when an opportunity came up to have a full week in a class I had been in previously and enjoyed, I couldn’t say yes quickly enough!

The ‘moment’ mentioned in the title however came today before my third day with the class. There was a member of staff who’s child is on the class I’m covering. They spotted me in the corridor and stopped me. She then told me of how much their child loved having me in the class and wouldn’t stop going on about me and that she would be highly recommended me to the school office…

Teaching. A challenging but rewarding career!


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