Thank Goveness!

(How’s that for a Gove centred title to add to the numerous others!)

So, having just come out of Initial Teacher Training, I am obviously aware of Michael Gove and some of the more recent developments during his Education Secretary phase. However, in terms of experiencing his changes/influence in my own practice, I imagine I don’t have as much experience as many other teachers.

I can’t help but think though… With all the celebration that has come from Michael Gove’s shuffle, I cannot help but think that all the rejoicing means that teaching as a profession will suddenly become easier…right?

Surely once Nicky Morgan begins her leadership in the role there will be times that she may make a change/speech/tweet etc that will upset teachers? Isn’t that just what happens in such important roles determining something as important as the education of our rising generations?

Maybe, though, things will be happier than they were with Michael Gove. And if that is indeed the case, then thank Goveness I’m coming into the profession full time now!


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