New Beginnings – Weekly Poll

I’m always trying to think of new ways of increasing the volume that teachers have in the educational world (see Teacher Voice post). I think it’s so important that not only do we collaborate on practice but we also get a chance to voice our opinions to others. This will then lead to more effective discussions on teaching and learning, leading to a natural improvement on teaching and learning in the classroom. We have a lot to learn from each other.


However, due to the nature of work in education, it is not always easy to ensure we add our voice to the educational climate. I haven’t started full-time employment yet and so I have time to post twice, maybe even three times a week. When I do begin in September, I can imagine this will be much more difficult to sustain. Others may not even have the time in the week to post a blog. What is needed is a quick method of adding an opinion which can be shared with others.

Therefore, I am going to start a weekly poll. It won’t always be on a Friday morning. After a few weeks I’ll be able to find the time that works best for me to post. This will be a poll that all those involved in education can participate in. It will be a poll by an educator, for educators. It may be about an aspect of teaching and learning in any curriculum area, teaching practice, general teaching responsibilities, an educational debate at the time or even (wait for it…) something that has nothing to do with teaching and learning (maybe your favourite thing to do in your spare time for example).

My vision is to have as many educators as possible participate so we can share ideas together. The ideal will be for you to cast your vote and then leave a comment to generate discussion. You could even write a blog post on the subject or discuss it in the staffroom. Let’s increase our teacher voice and improve our practice through collaboration and sharing!

So, here is the first poll. I would really appreciate it if you cast your vote, leave a comment if possible and then share it to all you know.

What are your views on the results? Is this amount of work-related activity in holidays too much? Too little? Or just right? 

If you could, it would be appreciated if you could think of a name for this poll. ‘Weekly Poll’ sounds a bit bland! Any ideas in the comments section would be great or via Twitter.

photo credit: tranchis via photopin cc


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