Getting Involved! By @Mroberts90Matt

Recently I had the great opportunity to become published in the monthly education magazine, UKED Magazine. For me personally this was a big step. I am barely an NQT with a couple of months supply teaching experience – so what could I offer to the world of educational debate? As I was perusing Twitter just one Sunday ago, I noticed a request for writers in the next issue of UKED Magazine and for those who were interested to just ask. I had resolved recently that if I wanted quality CPD and networking with excellent practitioners, then I would need to get involved at any opportunity. And so, I contacted the relevant people.

Just 6 days later the publication was issued online, with the option to receive in actual print! Wow! This lowly NQT felt honoured! You can find it here, please have a read of my article, or indeed any that catch your eye, since great pieces. It got me to thinking – how often do we, and sometimes the children in our classes, let great opportunities for learning pass us by?

Often, in our classrooms we will try and foster a culture where the children feel secure enough to interact with the learning experiences prepared without fear of being mocked or reprimanded for their efforts. Why do we feel it necessary that children should play an active role in their learning? My thoughts – the best learning takes place when the learner is engaged and gets involved with what is going on around them.

So let me ask this question – in the staff meetings I’ve attended, why do the majority of teachers sit back and contribute the minimal amount? I could be being unfair here, I’ve only attended staff training in a handful of schools. However, surely if we want effective CPD, we need to get involved! We need to take opportunities to go out of our comfort zones (as I’m sure we do for the children in our class) and do something that we will look back on and be grateful that we did!

In writing this short post I see one issue – I am probably preaching to the converted in this setting. The fact that you are reading this post right now shows that you take your CPD seriously and go out of your way to get involved. If that is the case, carry on! If you feel you could contribute more, then do so! I have had a couple of great opportunities to write for others publications (see here) and I am so glad I took the dive and went for them. I could easily have thought ‘These opportunities are for someone more qualified than me’ but I did it and haven’t looked back. I look forward to more chances in future!

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