Teacher Voice Weekly Poll w/b 1st September 2014

The last results of Teacher Voice Weekly Poll were quite split – what is considered the most effective method of CPD? The most popular option was observing good practice. Interesting results considering which options are the most used in schools…and they tended to be viewed as the last effective!

Anyway, onto this week! The basis of this week’s question comes from the petition I signed and posted about concerning teachers receiving free access to academic research journals on education. As I mentioned in my blog post I’m sure we wouldn’t say no to free stuff. However, the focus of the poll is if you think that you personally would benefit from having free access to these e journals and if it would positively impact your practice? If not then we can assume that it would not be worth the cost to make them freely available.

As always, please take the few seconds it does to vote and then invite others to take part. The more teachers that are heard, then the more likely it is that we can influence educational change!

Photo Credit: Blue Square Thing via Compfight cc


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