Breaking back in! by @Mroberts90Matt


Do you remember when you were at school after the long summer? What was one of the most difficult things about being back in school? What was a struggle to begin with? For me, it was getting back into handwriting..

Invariably, during the summer I would not write a lot, if not at all! There was generally no homework set as we were transferring between teachers. So when it came to the first day back in September I had to graft to fit my hand around that pencil/pen and write in the joined up handwriting I had been taught as an 8 year old. If you were to look in my books at the start of the year there would certainly be a lot more wobbles than later on in the year.

I can’t help but feel the same in my practice as a teacher. I’ve had a slightly longer summer than most because, despite working as a supply teacher, the supply work dried up the last couple of weeks – so I finished early! This means I have had a while without teaching. Now, there weren’t any ‘wobbles’ really in my first day as a full-time, proper, paid teacher – to be honest it was pretty awesome! However, I am not naïve enough to think that there will not be difficult days as
an NQT, Year 6 teacher. However, I’m sure that as time goes on, I will ease into the routine and strategies that I used so fluently in my placements and supply teaching.

(Now I’ve just got to let my legs get used to being used a lot again…very stiff!)

photo credit: Brady Withers via photopin cc


2 thoughts on “Breaking back in! by @Mroberts90Matt

  1. Congratulations on your permanent position. As a student, getting into a routine was the most difficult. As a teacher, it was getting my sleep schedule back to “normal” since I’ve always been a night owl. Oh I remember those aching legs and feet! Also, my throat would be so sore the first few weeks of teaching. Non-teachers don’t realize how much teachers have to talk. It’s not just teaching a concept. We talk during independent practice helping struggling students. We talk all day!


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