Teacher Voice Weekly Poll w/b 8th September 2014

Hey all! A bit late this week but that’s me, adapting to NQT life! So here we go!

Last week’s poll was interesting. Teacher Voice asked whether teachers should have free access to academic journals or not. Now, unfortunately, it was the lowest response to a poll I’ve posted – however the results were clear – 100% believed teachers should! If you haven’t voted in last weeks poll please take a moment to do so and if you feel strongly about teachers receiving this free access please take a minute to sign on this petition.


So this week’s Teacher Voice Poll is linked back into the classroom. In my placements I have seen a variety of ways teachers set out group tables in the classroom, right the way from in pairs to groups larger than 8! This will be down to different teaching styles, children’s abilities, classroom space and I’m sure more reasons!

So what is your preferred group size? Or maybe you use a mixture if your classroom space allows you to move tables around regularly? Does your school have a set policy? Please leave your vote and invite another teacher! Let’s share our practice and improve!

Photo Credit: Marco Bellucci via Compfight cc


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