Teacher Voice Weekly Poll w/b 29th September 2014

Well, time for another weekly poll. Last week’s poll focused on behaviour management, asking what you thought the most important aspect of behaviour management was. This was partly off the back of an NQT Conference I attended but also with Ofsted’s recent publication on low-level disruption I thought this was also appropriate. The results were mainly split between two answers but one clear winner with 70% – setting high expectations from the start. Obviously, all the aspects are important but that was deemed the most important. The poll is still open so feel free to add your voice!

This week is off the back of a previous blog post in August. Grouping by ability, or setting, is a practice that is widely debated and has well documented pros and cons. I looked at this in one of my final papers at University and had negative views. However, now I’m using it for Maths in my own classroom by topic rather than the same sets for the whole year I’m finding some really good benefits from this! So what are your views:

Should setting by ability be avoided at all costs or utilised to support teaching and learning? Or is there a time and a place where it would be effective?

photo credit: lumaxart via photopin cc


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