The Joy of Writing by @Mroberts90Matt

Writing for a purpose has been put forward as a very important way of getting kids to write with enthusiasm (and therefore write better) for some time. Recently my Year 6 class have undertaken a few methods of writing for a purpose. More recently, I had the class prepare a short presentation (could use PowerPoint or other props) to groups of Year 4 pupils on what they had done so far in the academic year. The premise was that whichever group did best would get a prize. However, all the presentations worked out extremely well, such made it difficult to pick a winner.

Persuade Me!
Therefore, it seemed like the logical next step to get the children to persuade me themselves that they deserved the prize – they did so by each writing a letter to myself and the other Year 6 teacher, filled with flattery, reasons and exaggeration. The end result after watching a persuasive video, colour coding an outstanding example, building in their personal targets and a draft, was fantastic. See just one example here:


Next week the Year group are going to get a message from the Board of Research into Air Resistance where they’ll be told a team of scientists have been intrigued by the class’s recent science experiment and would like a scientific explanation paper giving detail on how they went about the experiment – I’m looking forward to that!


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