The List Of Education Bloggers Version 4.0

A great, comprehensive list of educational blogs for you to peruse when you can! Well worth it.

The Echo Chamber

It’s the start of the holidays, so it is time for a major update to the list of UK education bloggers. Please check if you are on it and let me know if you aren’t. Also let me know if any of the blogs on the list shouldn’t be. The spreadsheet version will follow shortly. My hope is that the holidays will provide an opportunity for major work on this, so we might even be able to end the holidays with Version 5.0.

There should be 1048 blogs on the list, and it should contain all blogs that:

  1. Are mainly about education or by educators (there are some borderline cases and I’ve tried not to include blogs written by people teaching in HE who don’t talk about teaching);
  2. Are written by somebody in, or from, the UK (the definition of “from” here includes those with a British passport who may have…

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