Anyone for Long Division? by @Mroberts90Matt

Calculation methods in Maths form a core skill set that students need to acquire in order to progress and attain. A child who can master the skills of written methods in Maths week most likely go on to be very successful in future Maths problems as they will have that basic skill set to build upon.

Therefore, when it came to teaching my Year 6 children how to tackle long division, a skull which they had not yet come across, I knew that it would require something really engaging to make sure they got it (as with every area of learning in my classroom really)!

The Idea
I had recently been in a staff meeting led by @ICT_MrP who showed the staff an app which I’d come across recently – Explain Everything. This app allowed you to easily create videos with voice recording and annotating images. What this does is allow the user to create short tutorials with visual aids on the screen.

Linking this to the long division need, I remembered the saying where people learn only a small amount of what they listen to/are shown but they learn a higher proportion of things that they teach others. Suddenly, the way became clear, children could use this Explain Everything tool to encouraged use of language and internalisation when acquiring this long division skill. From what I understand this is a strategy called something like ‘Role of the Mantle/Expert’.

The Method
After teaching the chn the method suggested by the Maths Coordinator in our school, I decided this would be a good time to implement making a Long Division Tutorial to consolidate their learning so they could apply the calculation.
The result can be found on the school website here:

(We would have posted them onto our class blog but we’re with Primary Site and I’m personally hoping we get off it!)

photo credit: Learning is Required via photopin (license)


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