Roll on Role Models by @Mroberts90Matt

This week I was able to participate in my first #NQTChat (only 2/3 of the way through the NQT Year..) The experience was one which I intend to repeat as not only did it motivate me to carry on with the holiday planning I needed to do, but also it linked me up with other NQTs who I thought were few and far between in the Twitter/blogging world.

As the evening commenced we began to share positive thoughts about the NQT year so far, including why we decided to jump onto this crazy rollercoaster of education in the first place. There were answers from various teachers but one clear message rang through:

These are are just four examples but one common thread runs through them all; all these teachers’ desire to help others learn came from a personal experience where they were inspired to learn. Clearly, the impact that those teachers had on a few of the NQTs of today was so great that they decided their entire future career path based on that person – in other words they wanted to emulate them, to be like them (why else would they be inspired to follow the same career?)…

With this in mind I made this comment:

Fellow educators – are you having a positive impact on the children you are teaching? If a small group of NQTs identified other teachers as their main reason they became a teacher, how many other NQTs have the same inspiration? How many of you had the same inspiration when you decided to become a teacher?

What we do day in, day out in the classroom CAN make an impact on a child’s life, for the rest of their life – not just because we are enabling learning to take place but also from the example that we give.


photo credit: Letterpress Hero via photopin (license)


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