Resolutions Part II – RQT Version by @Mroberts90Matt

As I sit in school on the 2nd INSET day we have (thank goodness) I browsed back through my posts on Teacher Voice and saw a post created near the start of last year called NQT Resolutions. Not one to miss out on building on something that was successful, I’ve decided to pen the sequel – RQT Resolutions.

It probably gets tiring seeing post after post about ‘resolutions’ at this time of the academic year but resolutions are an important concept in the development of an excellent teacher. Unfortunately this does not mean if you design and implement resolutions you will be an excellent teacher, but I do think it gives you a much better chance at this. In terms of what my resolutions will be, I have looked at my NQT goals for guidance as there is no point to the resolutions made last year if I don’t build on/improve them. Obviously, the RQT Year is a lot different to the NQT Year and my goals will reflect those contrasts. In sharing these, I hope that other RQT’s that have graduated to having an ‘R’ rather than an ‘N’ might get some ideas, find their thoughts confirmed to them or they were not planning to make goals but now decide to do so.

1. Keep my home-work life balanced

Now, if you did take a moment to have a peek at my NQT Resolutions you will have noticed that this resolution is exactly the same as my first NQT resolution, and it may well be the first on my list every year in my career. My family are the most important thing to me. I will certainly not be trading them for a successful career in teaching – I would change jobs before that happened. Obviously it can be done but it will require time management and careful a selection of priorities. I look around at some of the staff in my school who have families of their own and wonder how they can manage to do what they do! Now, at this stage at the precipice of my RQT Year, my wife and I have a 3 year old son and a soon-to-be 1 year old daughter – so it is busy times in the Roberts household! Yet, as long as I keep this goal foremost in mind I know it will be fine – it was last year (if not a little rocky in places)!

2. Get more involved

This leads on from one of my goals last year. As an NQT I got clear advice from many teachers to not volunteer myself for extra responsibilities (and this turned out to be sound advice). However, as I move to being a ‘proper'(ish RQT) teacher, I recognise that I will need to do a little more to support the life of the school. I’ve already volunteered my services for a couple of things so I’ll see how they go but it is something that I think will be beneficial. Today I volunteered my services as a Head of House, for a new House system the new Leadership want to try. It will involve me leading an assembly once a half term, or organise it, and take on more responsibility – looking forward to that! I’ve also volunteered to be a NQT Mentor if needed – I’m very aware I might not have some of the experience needed for that but the request was posted and I thought well, why not make my willingness heard? We’ll see with that one.

3. Lead a Curriculum Area

I guess this one stems from number 2 but I feel it deserves it’s own heading. Obviously with casting off the shell of an NQT I’ll be expected (or at least I WILL want) to take on the responsibility of leading a curriculum. I’ll personally want to make sure this happens to benefit my career progression and development. As far as what curriculum area I don’t know – I think that’s up in the air for now with the new Leadership anyway but we have meetings next week so I’ll hope for what I want to do…

4. Begin a Twitter account for the school

This is a bold new world for our school. We have had a Twitter account but no one has used it yet. Our new Head has used Twitter at his previous school and is keen for it to happen in ours – fantastic! So I would like to try and make that happen more to give the school a more global audience. Also, it will give the children in the school more enthusiasm to show off their learning, so I’ll need to try to gather things from around other classes also!

5. Improve children’s progress in Reading

With being in Year 6 – I can’t help myself looking at results. As a school we had some pretty great things happen – the SPAG was fantastic, Writing was where it should have been, Maths was not as good a last year but better than expected. To be fair, Reading results were excellent too but I feel in my class (and my analysis shows it) some children did not achieve what they could have, despite reaching the national expected level. Therefore, I want to try and develop my teaching of Reading so that my class this year progress better across all abilities. I’m going to be working with the Head of Literacy in Year 6 this year who is brilliant with stimulating reading in her class so I’ll be able to learn from her experience.

Well there you have it – a humble RQT’s resolutions to make their second year of teaching as productive and effective as their first – hopefully a lot more plain sailing too but we all know how this profession works…


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