#MathsRocks Round Up 22/01/18

Already we are flying through January! Some more wonderful Maths resources and  ideas have been shared again and I can’t wait to direct you to them!

1. Teaching Mathematical Problem Solving

Bit of a longer read here so set a little time aside but I felt this was worth the share and a read. @thatboycanteach exemplifying  guidance on teaching mathematical problem solving with a problem on Christmas trees (it was festively relevant when he posted it…). This article (click here) breaks down the process of problem solving and how this can be seen in the class. Problem solving can often be seen as

2. Corbettmaths Videos and Worksheets


@RosemaryBurke pointed this one out for me. It is an excellent site created by @Corbettmaths. It breaks the curriculum down into topics listed in alphabetical order. Not only does it give a set of practice questions which impressively offer a variety of ways to apply the concept, but then gives a ‘textbook exercise’ which gives a large number of questions which learners can sink their teeth into and again have a variety of ways to apply the concept. If this wasn’t enough there is an instructional video with each topic which explains the maths visually and can be used in lessons. The best way you can see how this will be useful will be just to click this link and have a look – it is excellent! I will be sharing this with my staff and I encourage you to do the same!

3. Presentation Display

As we all know, presentation in Maths is very important to us Maths teachers. The reason for this…well obviously in case someone else comes to look at our Maths books. To be fair though, poor presentation in Maths learning can lead to some errors being made so all the “one number per square” phrases can be very important. @_MissieBee shared a wonderful display which reminds her children about how work should be presented (not only in Maths but in English also so this has double use). A quick visual reminder can help you reinforce the expectations to the class and serves as a useful tool to ensure you remember to reinforce it also!


That’s your lot for this week – remember to share on the #MathsRocks thread to share excellent Maths ideas!


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