About me!

“A new blogger appears on the block :)” – (Stephen Tierney, Executive Headteacher, @LeadingLearner)

This is a more detailed bio about me, my past experiences and what makes me the primary school teacher I want to be!


I grew up in Manchester. I stayed in the same primary school, secondary school and Sixth Form College growing up.

I suppose my desire to be a teacher originated when I was about 11 years old, an early starter. This desire came from a number of places. I’ve always loved learning and I see the teaching profession as a great way to continue that learning. I had some great teachers in primary school, particularly my Year 6 teacher, who were great role models to me. Also, I love working with children. There’s never a dull moment and they can have a great inner desire to learn.

When I was 18 (2008), I served a voluntary, full time, 2 year mission for my Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The majority of time spent during those two years was teaching people, albeit a very different ‘curriculum’, if you will. However, this two year mission planned my desire to teach even further in me, plus it also helped me to become even more organised and responsible for myself and my time. It was a great personal learning journey and I feel I came to know myself much better. Integral to my character was an enthusiasm to teach people, which carried me on when I returned home.

Then I came home and straight away began my course at Manchester Metropolitan University on the BA Primary Education course for 4 years. I almost wish I could go back in time and compare my knowledge, understanding and skills in education between then and now because I’m certain it would write a lot of this blog for me…
My teaching placements have, of course, been influential in my development as a teacher. Particularly my 3rd year placement, I had an inspirational mentor. My other school mentors have of course been great but that year that teacher was the kind of teacher I wanted to be – innovative, approachable, influential and outstanding.

I would say another pivotal experience in my training would be the reason I’m beginning this blog; my decision to be a Computing specialist. Ironically, the decision was made for me! I wanted to specialise in Maths – how glad am I that Maths was overbooked!! I have been introduced to a creative, innovative outlet where great practice can be shared and advances can be made for all aspects of the curriculum.

Of course during this time at University I married my beautiful wife and we have been blessed with two beautiful children so my life has always been busy but I am not trying to find the time to blog still!

I currently teach at a school in Manchester as a Year 6 teacher. I am in my third year in this role and in teaching as a career. I also am assigned as a Maths Lead Team member, PE Coordinator and on the Excellence Committee (our Middle Leadership Team). I am also completing an NPQML qualification which will help me to achieve my aims in the future.

What made me start this blog? A number of factors I suppose. The main one is that, being a Computing specialist, I am becoming increasingly aware of the educational value of blogging in children’s learning; the sheer connectivity it gives children to the global audience and how it brings learning into the home. If it supports children’s learning then why not my own? Being connected to a vast network of teachers will only improve my practice and, through a blog, it is made so easy! A blog can be added to 10 mins on the bus!

I do think ultimately I want to develop my skills and understanding enough to progress along the leadership scale, eventually to become a Head teacher. I have some experience in leadership (leading and motivating a group of about 10 missionaries, leading the Youth group at my Church, then leading and motivating a group of 25, 18+ men in my Church and now serving on an advisory council for the Church in South Manchester which covers a membership of around 1,000 people) but mainly I want to make as large an impact for the good of teaching and learning for as many children possible and helping other teachers do the same.


4 thoughts on “About me!

    1. Hi Robbie,
      I’m glad you found it useful. Biggest piece of advice is to write for yourself. I find writing my blog very cathartic and it is a useful place to reflect.
      It’s also a great way to share the best bits of my practice (few as those bits are) and develop some discussion on Twitter which I encourage you to be on, if you are not already.


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  1. Hi,

    I really like the lesson you have blogged about on evolution. I am an NQT in year 6 and as you describe finding it difficult to kick start this topic. In your blog you say the resources etc for the lesson can be found on TES. Unfortunately, I can not locate them. Please could you share them with me? My email is jamesg23@hotmail.co.uk



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