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Making Marks to Music

This was actually used as the intro to my ‘Stories from Other Cultures’ Unit but is probably more of a Music/Art idea…but use in Literacy at risk of assisting in children’s creativity! It’s so simple as well, and will have all in the room wanted to take part…seriously, even my class teacher/mentor wanted to join in!

In terms of resources, you’ll need a piece of music, paper and a pencil. If you want the kids to get even more creative you can provide other artistic materials – charcoal, colour pastilles, even paint if you’re feeling extra confident and messy!

Here is the link to the site I originally got the idea from:

The children thoroughly enjoyed listening to the Music, getting a feel for it, then responding to the Music through Art. They were also particularly excited because they recognised the country the Music was from, Jamaica, as they had played steel drums that year.
Aside from the objectives met in Music and Art, this activity was great at fueling the children’s creativity and that, I feel, can be lacking sometimes in the modern day classroom.