As time goes on I’m being given opportunities to be published in other areas aside from my blog and twitter feed. I’m extremely grateful for these opportunities and you can see a list of them below in chronological order:


9th June 2014: Is self-assessment effective? by @Mroberts90Matt | @Teacher Toolkit
This was in response to an open request by @Teacher Toolkit to write a guest blog post, or a ‘thunk’, on his site. This was the first time I was published elsewhere outside my own blog and saw a great impact, with the post generating over 2,000 views in the first week!

9th August 2014: Expectations of Differentiation | UKED Magazine
This, again, was a response to an open invitation, this time by the UK e-magazine ‘UKED Magazine’. This publication is also available in print form which I guess is even more exciting as to be published in print feels like a great honour!

30th June 2015: Take a Plick-ture | UKED Magazine
In response to an open invitation, I created a short 200 word article on an extremely useful app I had started to implement in the classroom. This article was published in the June edition of UKED Magazine

22nd January 2017: Introducing…Talk4Maths | UKED Magazine
After an unplanned hiatus in the tweeting and blogging world (simply because stuff got really busy as a teacher) I began to try and make a comeback! This was a reblog of the original post on my blog. In my NPQML course, I was required to lead a project in my setting and this article details the concept I began to lead in my school – focused on Talk4Maths.

10th April 2017: Colour Coded Differentiation in Maths | UKED Magazine
Once again I volunteered an article sharing a teaching idea which I use fairly regularly in a normal, not SATs frantic, week in Maths. It involves differentiation which is tailored to every child’s need and imposes no glass ceilings.

9th May 2017: The Power of Positivity | UKED Magazine
This time I volunteered to create a main article, focusing on the importance of building positive relationships between staff – in school and on Twitter. The power of positivity has a strong impact on the teacher and those around them and I explore this more in the article.

Photo Credit: Gikon via Compfight cc


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