How Do You Do It? by @Mroberts90Matt

So, I am relaxing after a successful Christmas Day – kids in bed, belly full, vegetating on couch – and my thoughts have turned to wandering ponderings. With my renewed enthusiasm to tweet more (and the fancy new watch I have which informs me when I’ve received tweets) I’ve now stumbled across this blog which I haven’t posted on since February. I’ve now begun to wonder – How do you all manage it? How do you teach and find the time to write such inspirational blogs?

I am, once again, renewing a commitment to blog more. Amongst family commitments, planning, teaching, assessment, marking, leading PE, supporting Maths leadership, leading Middle Leadership Team, completing NPQML, taking an active role in my Church – I don’t know how I’ll manage it but it is something I want to try and do.

It may not be the most exciting or informative read but I’ve now remembered some advice which I received years ago now – write a blog for myself, not others. So, we shall see….If you have any ideas on how I can find time to be able to do this please let me know 🙂


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